At One Dope Kids we believe in the power of creativity. We're an exclusive community of creative visionaries designed to empower artists and collectors under a global art & lifestyle brand.

Meet the Team

Lyko is a successful contemporary fine artist and the founder of One Dope Kids.

X - @AndrewLyko

Discord - andrewlyko

Jay is a former US Air Force Officer with 20+ years experience managing people & large teams, leading multi-million dollar projects/programs, and starting
& building numerous businesses in various industries including athletics, entertainment & marketing.

X - @jcdwit Discord - dopejay

I'm Larue, or otherwise known as Rue Talamo. I'm 28 and I'm your friendly neighborhood degen. I do some of the work behind the scenes like strategy, managing, research, etc. I love web 3, learning, games, anime, and have a growth mindset. I've been full time in the NFT/Crypto scene since January 2021 studying and trading.

X - @RueTalamo